The California Quilting Ladies and Superior Threads

A huge box showed up on my door step today. It’s the second of it’s kind.

The giant box was filled (completely filled and I’m talking a big box) with large spools of beautiful thread.

It started with an email one of our team members (who also happens to be my mom) fired off a couple months back. It was a general call to help and a quick overview of what we were trying to accomplish as a school and organization. The email was sent to a handful of organizations all over the US. There were a few that responded. Most with kind regards and some with a small samples of complementary fabric or threads.

But then there was this group of quilters in California who from the very first contact seemed to be as excited about the project as we were. So much so that they got their whole community of quilters and seamstresses involved. They have been a constant source of encouragement and support.

At the last meeting of theirs, they managed to raise over $300 just out of the pockets of the ladies who attended that evening.

One of the ladies had a connection to a wholesale thread company (Superior Threads) and offered to make a call to see if they could get some good prices on the purchase. She did such a good job relaying the vision and excitement that the people from Superior decided to match their donation and doubled her order!!! Which is why I now have $700 worth of thread sitting in front of my door.

Way to go – and thank you Santa Rosa Quilt Guild and Superior Threads for your generous hearts, your partnership, and your support!