The First Day

Made it to the orphanage and school. So great to be back here. The kids were very excited to see me and I was even more excited to see them. Spending most of yesterday and today just being around the orphange and talking with the house moms and kids.

The kids work so hard here every day. I’ve been helping with their daily chores and I’m exhausted. They clean everything everyday, take care of a huge garden, cook and clean the kitchen…they run this house. It’s pretty amazing to see. I think I forget everytime what it’s like here.

This time is interesting for me. All of my previous trips have been with a team. The kids go out of their way to be good hosts for guests who visit. However yesterday at devotions, I explained to them that there are two types of people that come to my house, people who are guests that I host, and people who feel like family who just have to fit it with my daily life. I told them I wanted to be treated like family and just fit in with their normal routine. They all laughed…not sure what that meant. (*update – as I sat reading over this post ready to upload it, one of the kids brought me out breakfast that she had been in the kitchen preparing for me. I think they’re uncomofortable with me just taking care of myself around the kitchen…)

I’ll start working today to get things set up. The sewing machines and student desks are all in and set up. Thank you to all of you who gave money for a machine!

I’ll set them up later today to get better pics once they’re up and running.

Over and over again – things have come together in a very divine way. Big things and little things, but all reassuringly saying…”this is good and right and we need to keep pushing forward.”

Very happy to finally be here and help get these plans that so many have worked toward, actually start happening.