T Minus

We’re about two weeks out from setting off on this adventure. As expected, there’s a huge mix of emotions as things culminate.

I (Chris) have all the travel details finalized. Plane tickets are purchased, lodging is mostly figured out, and a rough schedule for the school is finalized. Fortunately or unfortunately (if I’m honest I’m not completely sure which) it’s too late to back out now.

There’s still a couple big pieces to the story that are missing that keep me up at night. We have an English teacher, but have not yet finalized a sewing instructor. We’ve got some great minds finalizing the sewing curriculum, but currently are still in need of an instructor. We’ve got a couple things in the works, but nothing panning out yet. I could always teach the class myself if somebody doesn’t step up… I mean, how hard could it be right? (Insert copious amounts of sarcastic tone).

The other small item we’re waiting to check off the list is securing the last bit of fundraising. Because of the generosity of some amazing sponsors, the barbecue fundraiser, and the online auction we’ve been able to raise over $5000 to get the school off the ground! I’m in awe and amazed. In just four weeks of fundraising that’s no small task!

To meet our budget we still need to raise another $3500. That’s still a pretty good chunk! My strategic mind badly wants to jump ahead to start figuring out a Plan B if the money doesn’t come in, but my faith and history with a big God who always comes through (sometimes in very unexpected ways) keeps pushing me to hold off.

So there it is…

I tell you these two areas of unrest for two reasons, one, if you’re in a position to help in any way, we need you to step up. Your generosity would be so deeply appreciated and I can assure you your money, time and/or resources would be well invested.

But here’s the second, bigger reason I share these huge obstacles with you…

I’ve been doing the “trusting in God” thing long enough to know that He ALWAYS comes through. Life happens, hearts get broken, dreams shatter, and things fall apart, but my loving God always comes through (even when you and I don’t hold up our end of the deal).

So knowing and being fully confident in these things, I want you to have the opportunity to be in on this miracle with me.

We’ll keep working, believing, praying, and will watch as this adventure unfolds.