Montre M

In an effort to adapt and connect, I’m trying to pick up as much Creole as I can. One of the phrases I learned today is going to be very important for my time here. It’s “montre m”. In English, it’s “teach me”. I’ve been walking around the house and property saying it over and over again today.

The orphanage is in constant motion. It’s continually busy with kids working and playing, caretakers cooking and cleaning, men building, people gardening… it’s in constant motion.

I’m working to just fit in with the rhythm here. I’ve made an intentional decision today to lay aside the plan and just connect with people. So I spent the day saying over and over again… “montre m”.

I could very easily overlook spending time with people in the name of getting stuff done – getting the school ready, getting settled… It’s a lesson I learn every time I come here (and something I’m constantly learning at home as well).

So today.. for me, for you… May we all not find our purpose and self esteem in getting stuff crossed off a to do list, but motivated by our love for people and our creator.


*** side note – in case you’re wondering about the school… we start next monday. We’ve got teachers lined up and class rooms ready. The English class filled up so quickly that we’ve opened another class (which also immediately filled up). We’ve also filled up the first sewing class and are deciding whether¬†we want to start another class or be ready for our next round. Keep the prayers and encouragement coming… a lot to happen still to get this thing really rolling.