Another beautiful day…

The school is moving along amazingly well. The sewing center is ramped up and is going full steam ahead. The three ladies are fully trained at this point and are cranking out bags like crazy. They were producing 5 a day, but yesterday set a record and produced 12-15 bags!  A group from Texas was in earlier in the week and bought all the iPad bags they had made, one of the large bags, and several of the medium sized bags that have beautifully braided straps.

Wislande, the young lady who is teaching English and overseeing the school and sewing center is going amazingly well. Prior to Chris asking her to take on the role of director here, she had been taking leadership classes – felt God was leading her to do that. She is funny and smart and a very good seamstress herself. Her English is excellent and all the students aspire to speak English as well as she does.

Just coincidentally (I think not) a photographer who was supposed to come several months ago but got his trip postponed, showed up yesterday and has spent a few days photographing the school and the sewing center.

Unfortunately, Chris had the Chikungunya virus and was really sick with a high fever, rash, terrible ache in joints, and just generally miserable. The good news is that, while you feel like you’re going to die, you don’t. It takes about 2 days to fully run its course and this is the first full day. Please keep him in your prayers.

The weather has been unbelievable. We did laundry today (by hand!) and it was actually chilly out on the back porch where we were working! It was a bit overcast and very breezy and just gorgeous. It’s been such a wonderful challenge adjusting to working on Haitian time. There is no reason to rush. We are so goal oriented typically, and usually the faster and more efficiently we get our task done, the better. This morning my task was laundry. But there was no reason too rush, because that was my task.

It’s just so thrilling to watch the ladies take such JOY in coming to work. They start every day with a worship song and time of prayer. The kids in the sewing and English classes do the same. It certainly sets the tone for a day’s work.

We’re very thankful for this precious time – to be with family – to revisit old friends at House of Blessings – and to see with our own eyes the school and sewing center.