A Big Update

I haven’t updated in a couple days and thought I should sit down and fill you all in about where we are. At this stage of the game, things change so quickly. I couldn’t have dreamed we’d be where we are now even 3 or 4 days ago.

The school continues to grow and evolve. We are working and listening as God is guiding and speaking. The school side of things continues to move along. The English students are doing very well. They are beginning to speak and get comfortable. Wislande (our Haitian English teacher) is away this week taking an exam, so I have stepped in to teach in her absence. She’s doing an awesome job and her students are ready to have her back…

The sewing class has really picked up steam. We lost quite a few in the English class through the first week, however for the sewing class, we’ve kept everyone, and actually squeezed in a couple more girls. We’re over capacity and have a long waiting list of people wanting to take the class next session.

The sewing class has moved away from vocational training and has become more of a summer elective for the younger girls in the area. There are a couple young ladies who have shown a lot of potential and could do quite well as a seamstress, but we’ve moved away from job training and are moving towards a model that looks more like a school of arts. And at the center of it all, discipleship and mentoring is at the heart of all we do.

An exciting part that we had not originally planed for is we’re working on a sewing center for a handful of the already gifted seamstresses in the area. Tania and I met yesterday with several ladies from the community and Esther Martinez (one of our US experts in all things sewing and production) to talk about starting an operation that would create jobs and economy in this area of Haiti. We had some long planning sessions today to dream and create some of our initial designs – still very much in process but we’ve got some pretty exciting and unique things in the works.

We have some excellent leadership potential with some of the older kids in the House of Blessings who currently have not been given the chance or empowered to lead. The plan is to continue to invest heavily in a couple of the young adults from the House to lead and equip others, and to empower this growing community of artists to create and market some of these unique goods they create.

This is all still wet cement and continues to evolve and change, but there’s an excitement in the air and a sense of momentum that is refreshing. I’m not completely naive to the difficulties ahead but along for the ride and focused on listening, asking questions, and being obedient.