Sewing Center

An unexpected adventure that was not a part of the initial plan for the school sprang up in my time there.

Some of our volunteer staff did some searching around for business or organizations in the States who would like to be a part of what we were doing here. One of the organizations we contacted was the Keep Me In Stitches stores in Tampa, FL. We were able to share our vision and the work we had already begun here in Haiti. They were immediately as excited as we were to jump in. So much so that they also contacted their members and suppliers. They along with one of their suppliers (Baby Lock) were able to donate 3 excellent sewing machines and catapult us to a whole new level of economic development.

Because we had the resources available to us, we met with several ladies from the community to talk about starting an operation that would create jobs and economy in our small corner of Haiti. We had some rather long planning sessions to dream and create some of our initial plans for the center.

Wislande, the young lady who grew up in the House of Blessings agreed to lead the team of seamstresses and artists in the community. Prior to Chris asking her to take on the role of director, she believed God had plans for her to be a leader and had been taking leadership classes in response. We decided to launch our efforts by creating handmade bags. The team produces around 5-7 bags a day.

There are so many good things happening as a result of our partnership together. So much so that we decided to allow those Good Things to define us – we decided to name our sewing center and organization “Bagay Ki Bon”, which in Creole means Good Things.