Rock The Wall Crawl

Here’s a great opportunity for you to have a blast and help us raise some money for the work happening in Haiti.

On Saturday April 25, you’re invited to be a part of our “Rock The Wall Crawl”. This event will be a blast for the whole family. This is NOT your average race, so it doesn’t matter if you Run, Walk, or Crawl your way to the Finish Line, EVERYONE Can Do Something!

This will be a Fun, Family Friendly Event with something fun for EVERYONE including inflatables,rock climbing walls, face painting, food trucks, live music and more! Signing up is easy and there is no minimum donation required!

Here’s what you need to do.

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Go to this site ( to register for the race. MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE “No More Poverty” then “Sponsor a Work Center In Haiti“. Then print out your forms (also available here).



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We’ve created a template for you to pass on to your friends and family. We suggest looking for at least 5 friends and family members who will sponsor you in this run. Get everyone running involved! Download our template here, fill in your info, then pass it on.



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Share, share, share. We’re trying to get the word out and build a huge team of runners.



All Participants will get to climb the rock walls and those who raise $100 or more for their cause will get to run the Gauntlet for FREE!  We’re excited to see what happens when we all come together to make a difference!



Steinbrenner High School5575 W Lutz Lake Fern Rd Lutz, FL  33558