At Bagay Ki Bon we are singularly focused on building Christ Centered Economy in Haiti. Our work begins with building relationships and trust. The goal is to give relief to women and men in poverty, but more importantly, to give these women and men a means of making their own way in life. By purchasing our bags, your investment goes to give people a tool that will not only help them mend their own lives but also give them a way to take an active role in the rebuilding of their community.  


Melanie Augustin

Melanie is married with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.  At 62 years of age, she is a respected leader in her church and community.  Melanie was born in Callebasse and has strong ties to the community.  She has been sewing for nearly 40 years, and is an incredibly talented artist and is grateful for this opportunity.  In addition to being a gifted seamstress, Melanie has a vibrant love for those around her that naturally draws people and makes her a much loved addition to Bagay Ki Bon.

Guerda Mondestin

Guerda, 46 years of age, has 4 children, and was born and raised right around the corner from Bagay Ki Bon, in the community of Callebasse.  She and her husband are strong leaders in their church.  Guerda has been sewing since the age of 18 when her parents sent her to sewing school, and Guerda is thrilled to have the opportunity to utilize her talents to support herself and her family at Bagay Ki Bon, while making beautiful bags to be enjoyed by the people of Haiti and around the world.

Clairsimise Charle

 Clairsimise at 33, is the newest addition to the Bagay Ki Bon team and a very talented seamstress.  She has been sewing for over 10 years.  In addition to being an expert seamstress, Clairsimise is an elementary school teacher and a very involved volunteer in her church.  Clairsimise views her responsibilities at Bagay Ki Bon not only as a means to support herself, but as a way to use her natural talents to create beautiful clothing and bags that people in her community and beyond can enjoy.

Wislande Felius

Wislande is the local Director of of Bagay Ki Bon, and the School of Blessings,.  She also teaches Basic and Advanced English at School of Blessings.  Wislande came to House of Blessings in 1992, and grew up in the Orphanage.  She is currently a worship leader at her church, and very involved in all aspects of church ministry and mentoring the children at the orphanage.  Wislande is a gifted teacher, administrator, and musician.

Shedly Fortune
Jewelry Artist

Shedly Ruth Fortune was borne in August 12 1992. She has graduated from high school and pays for her college. She’s incredibly creative and gifted in fashion design. She has no mother or father and currently lives with her aunt.