Support for Fran

Hi Friends and Family! I will be living and working at the House of Blessings Orphanage in Haiti this July. As you may know, traveling anywhere is financially demanding, please consider supporting my work there. I’m working to raise $1000 to pay for my expenses on the group. Any donations over $1000 will go toward plane tickets, project costs at the orphanage and Bagay Ki Bon, and to tithing at the local church. If you are able to support me financially in any of these areas, it would be greatly appreciated!


“When I sit on a plane ready for take off, I try to find a song with a strong build to it as the plane leaves the runway. As I was sitting on the Port au Prince runway at the end of what was my fourth trip in the past two years to Haiti, I chose “Take Back” by Will Reagan and the United Pursuit. The chorus states “I’m gonna take back all the enemy has stolen.” In that moment as I looked out the window and began to praise God for yet another opportunity to pursue His vision, something empowering happened; I felt like I looked beyond the window and into the enemy’s face and laughed. Not like a giggle, but more like a Ha! There, in that moment, I was intentionally laughing IN the enemy’s face. It was a joyful moment, and a comforting one at that. It spoke to what the future has to hold for each of us doing the work of God by bringing His kingdom to this earth. My life has ten times the purpose it did before I felt God speak the calling of Haiti to me in that sewing center two years ago. And every time I am afforded another opportunity to advance that purpose, I praise God to the highest and a fire is set.”

Personal journal entry January 28, 2017


Dear Friends and Family,


I share this moment with you because I am not done advancing the Kingdom through the vision that the Lord has placed on my life. Two years ago, I found myself in a sewing center in the mountains of Haiti, overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit speaking the purpose of my hands in the development of the organization Bagay Ki Bon. I haven’t stopped moving on that path since. And this summer I have the opportunity to continue the journey and will be spending the month of July in Haiti!

During the month of July, I will be staying at the House of Blessings Orphanage working alongside the director, seamstresses, and artisans of Bagay Ki Bon, as well as serving the staff and children at the orphanage.

[To share a bit about the vision and mission behind Bagay Ki Bon, we are an organization that is aiming to promote a Christ-centered economy in Haiti. As the organization began, we employed a group of Haitian artisans to create our main product of canvas bags. We would then bring the bags back to the United States, sell them at local markets and stores, and return the profits directly back to the women in Haiti. As time has passed, we have shifted the mission of Bagay Ki Bon to developing the organization as an in-country operation, putting it fully into the hands of the Haitians. This includes seeking out knowledge and resources such as organizations and businesses that can help provide guidance as Bagay Ki Bon moves forward with this vision.]

With this entire journey, comes a lot of faith, prayer, and provision. And this is where I ask you to come alongside me in assistance of each of these areas.

First and foremost, I ask that you help continue to place shields of armor around me to advance the Kingdom of God in Haiti. Your prayers can help me do just that. I ask that you pray for health, safety, provision and clarity throughout this entire journey. Additionally, prayer for Bagay Ki Bon and the Haitian economy as that is the catalyst behind this specific trip.

Before spending the month of July in Haiti, I will be at the orphanage in May for five days. This will serve as a goal setting trip for my upcoming stay in July. As you may know, traveling anywhere is financially demanding, so if possible, I ask for your financial provision. If just 31 people donate $30.00, I will have my lodging cost at the House of Blessings for July fully covered! Any additional donation over $30 will contribute to plane tickets, project costs at the orphanage and Bagay Ki Bon, and to tithing at the local church. If you can support me financially in any of these areas, it would be greatly appreciated, and you can go to to make your contribution. If you prefer to donate towards this trip another way, please feel free to contact me to do so.

Lastly, over the past year, God has really spoken to me to share this journey and encourage others to seek their purpose for this lifetime on this earth. Even if you feel that you cannot contribute financially, but you want to hear more about my story and journey please reach out to me. I would love to share it and encourage you to walk alongside me in prayer, not only for my own journey but for yours as well.

Thank you for your continuous support,

Fran Julien
(813) 579 – 8326